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Why Should You Invest in an Education Policy for Your Child?

At what age should I start saving for my child’s education?

Is it worth investing in an education insurance or endowment plan?

If I take up a policy, is the sum guaranteed upon maturity?

With the rising costs of living, parents often fret over their child’s future and the best gift you can give to your children is to provide them with the most comprehensive education regardless the cost. Therefore, prudent financial planning needs to be in place early to account for our children’s future.

Accumulating resources by depositing a fixed sum in a bank account opened in your child’s name is good and essential. However, uncertainties in life or unforeseen circumstances may limit you from being a provider.

Great Eastern Life’s Supreme Education secures your child’s future and education needs.


5 Things To Look Out for When Selecting Assessment Books

It is the time of the year again when we want to start preparing early for another busy year ahead. Intuitively we will head to the bookstores to get the best assessment books available in the market.  As we stand in front of the shelves and shelves of books, where should we start? What should we grab?


Final PSLE preparation for students who are eyeing the A*

Last week, we wrote a note for students who are on the verge of failing the PSLE. Today, we focus on helping students who are eyeing the A*.


How did I get my child to eat spicy stuff

My son just turned five when he first tasted tom yam. We were at this Thai Express Outlet and I ordered a tomyam soup set for myself and him. I needed a fix for my tomyam craving and had planned to bring him for a second round later.


As usual, the little boy was curious and wanted to try everything and anything. The spiciness of the tomyam soup stinged him to tears. While he was still tearing, the sadistic mum in me said,"aiyo.... like that ar... Next time how to bring you to Thailand?!" (actually he had been to Bangkok before but back then, he was just a baby)


The little boy looked at me through his teary eyes and pouted,"why?"


me: This is tomyam soup. Tomyam dishes come from Thailand. The Thai people loves spicy stuff and of course, they love tomyam. If we were to bring you to Thailand, what are you going to eat? Everything is so spicy there!


My son quietened a little and proceeded to finish his bowl of rice and fish fillet from the tom yam soup, in between his tears.



Five Simple Ways to Improve Your English

Everyone knows you need to be constantly exposed to a language to improve it. That's why some schools provide immersion programmes for students who learn foreign languages. For instance, they may be sent to live in Germany for a year to learn German.

It's not easy to improve a language days before the exams- you need persistent work. Today, I will divulge a few simple tips to help your child with this process.


Five Ways to Tackle the Toughest Exam Questions in the World

I like to be fully prepared for an examination. Unfortunately, no matter how ready we are for the papers, there will be situations when we encounter a really tough question.

What do we do then?

I made a collation of some of the advice I tell my students. The following tips are applicable to all subjects.


Secondary 1 Survival Tips

Congratulations on getting your PSLE results!  Now the next step is to head to the next stage of your life- into your secondary school years.

Change is never easy, but always exciting. Here are a few tips on how to tackle Secondary One years for all the 12-year olds out there.


Do we pay notice to childcare alerts?

Ring, ring, my phone ring and the childcare principal on the other side said "because one person got stomach flu, the outing this saturday has to be cancelled".  My first question is when is it postponed to and she can't tell me, just sometime in october.  My next question, which was spining in my head, but never reach my mouth, "why would one person's stomach flu has such a great effect?". And this happened on wednesday afternoon.